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As an LDS Iphone user this was exactly what I was waiting for. This app works great, If you have any love for these wonderful scriptures, or just want to know more about the LDS faith get this app!


Just what I was looking for. There is another app but he is taking advantage of LDS people and charging 15 bux! This app is great and a true service to the LDS community!!!

Only one problem

I just happened to find this app and I was so happy! It works great and have no problems with it. However the only frustration I have (and it is the same with the other apps as well) is that it doesnt remember where you are. If reading on he morning or looking up a scripture at church, would love to go right back to it after checking another reference. Maybe its an iPhone thing? Other than that, I really appreciate someone taking the time to make this app.

Could it be made Satnza compatible?

This is great! I was disappointed that the other available app was $15. Free is how it should be. I am disappoint though that it doesnt remember where you are (hence the only 4 star rating). The Stanza Reader App does this and its great... Could this be made compatible with that app?


It sure is nice knowing you can have portable scriptures like these. It is hard to complain about free applications like this. However, chapter headings would be nice and a highlighting feature would make this application complete for me. Maybe one day well see some manuals and the hymns on here too. Overall this application is the best because it is free! Thanks Lee keep up the good work.

Thank you

Good to see a FREE scripture app. Thanks for your efforts. Cant wait to see how this changes over time. If only we could have a Yanceyware reader for iphone!!

Thank you

Thanks for making the scriptures available to everyone with an iTouch/iPhone.

Exeptional and its free

Its refreshing to know that apps like these exist. The developer has provided something of real value and its nice to know theyre not in it for the money, but for something else. Thank you for this GREAT app!


Thanks so much for such an awesome app. Its so great that this is free. The search feature is really awesome and the app is really fast. By the way I dont know what the last person is talking about- God IS capitalized...

Seems Great!

This app seems great! It is fast and effective - easy to navigate. The links work well and having the option in the preferences to select a larger font size is nice for us older folks. Excellent work here. Thanks for making this possible.

Great job!

Very, very good Scripture app. It makes it easier to study the Scriptures on the go, eliminating the need for the not so small Quad. I would like to see the next update include Hymns, along with a bookmarking feature. Otherwise, good job!


The goseple needs to be available to every one. What a turn down when it costs somthing. Thank u for making it free.

Very good

This is very good. Its easy to study with this.

Fantastic! By Ren Jin Lee

I purchaed the $15 Scriptures, but I would have to say deriving from the bottom of my heart that Lee Falin and his application is a definite work of God - he do not capitalize in the words of God and the Prophets. What attracted me to buy the $15 Scripture application is that it includes hymns, general conferences, and more references. Hopefully, Lee could do the same as I defy capitalizing in the word of God. The $15 Scripture is magnificent since of course its the word of God and the Gospel, however the application is a bit slow to get into the chapters - but the question is, is it worth $15? Or could it go to fast offering and tighting? Its your call.


i love this app because i can access a scripture very easy. now i dont have to carry my scriptures around with me... haha jokes


This app is verrey good I love it

Land scape

Good but it needs to support landscape mode!!!!!!!

Great App

Now all we need is the hymms.


I wish you could save lines and parargraphs that really stick out to you. But this is good anyway

Suits all my needs

I totally love this app, especially with the new updates. I dont even need to use physical scriptures anymore, this app is way more handy.

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